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Testing turn-around time

  • Once a histopathological diagnosis has been established, sample should be delivered within 3 days to an outside molecular diagnostic lab and within 24 hours within an institution
  • A testing turn-around time of 5–10 working days should be established (from day of request to final results reporting)
  • If laboratories cannot provide test results within <2 weeks they need to make available a method or another laboratory that can
  • Predefined test panels and algorithms including reflex and parallel testing, agreed by the multidisciplinary team, are recommended
  • Clear indication of the most suitable slide or block for predictive molecular testing and characterisation of tumour cell content should be included in the routine surgical pathology report
  • Utilisation of digital pathology to select suitable test material from digital archive and selection of area for tumour cell enrichment shorten handling time and costs
  • A SOP including secretarial handling of request forms and specimen requisitions needs to be established
  • Consider parallel predictive IHC (e.g. ALK, ROS1) during diagnostic work-up to shorten turn-around time, save tissue and reduce costs

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